The online world changes fast, and so does your website traffic.

Very few sites have consistent traffic. Instead, traffic usually increases at certain times in the day, or as a result of a successful marketing campaign, and so the number of users visiting a website can vary massively.

That’s why with WPBeast your site is in a constant state of flux.

BeastFlux is our custom-built auto-scaling system that controls the amount of power that your website has at any given time.

When our systems detect that your traffic is increasing, we deploy a more powerful server. When traffic decreases again, we deploy a less powerful server.

The transition between servers is seamless – neither you or your users will experience any downtime.

By deploying more powerful servers when your traffic increases, we’re able to maintain consistent, superfast loading speeds regardless of how busy your website is.

BeastFlux is enabled automatically on all websites hosted with us, so you don’t need to do anything! Just sit back and enjoy lightening loading times.

(Technically, we deploy Virtual Machines rather than servers. Learn more about this here.)


Contact support if you have any questions about our service.