Making sure we have thorough backups of your site is a huge priority for us.

That’s why we use a combination of backups to make sure your any changes to your files or database are always saved.

Automatic Backups

When our systems detect a change in your site files, a backup is automatically triggered. If you are making changes at the time, the backup won’t be triggered until we see a period in which these changes have been stopped. This prevents the backups running too often when you are developing your site.

We also use constant, automated database snapshots to make sure we have a current, up-to-date version of your database at all times.

Interval Backups

A full site backup is also taken every 24-hours.


You can easily create your own backups at any point within your dashboard, in a single click.


You can deploy any backup from any of your installations to any of your other installations, at any point. Total freedom to move your website files around as you please.


Contact support if you have any questions about our service.