One of our aims when starting WPBeast was to build a hosting service that was fully transparent. Transparency is all about accountability; if our service is transparent, you always know what’s going on so can hold us to account about our promises and the expectations that we set of our service.

But why would we want to be held accountable?

Because it drives us to provide the best possible service at the best possible price. Too many hosting companies hide their practices, exaggerate about what they can achieve for their customers, and provide poor information through support channels so that you never really know what’s going on. That sucks and we want these practices to be completed removed from the industry.


Areas of Transparency



Our pricing is simple, and we designed it that way. There are no unexplained hidden fees, so all you need to worry about is your pricing plan and overage fees. That’s it.



Unlike many hosting companies, we give you live up-time reports. This means you can see exactly when your site was (and wasn’t) online for the past 30 days. We also send you an email notification if your site goes down, whilst our engineers work to get it back online.

We aim for 99.9% up-time and our Service Level Agreement clearly states how we make refunds when we don’t meet this aim.


Please contact support if you have any questions about our transparency.