For the last few years, we’ve spent every single day, 6 or 7 days a week, creating awesome online businesses. We created a software business that had thousands of happy users, e-commerce stores with high revenues and a web development company that continues to secure high value contracts. Every step along the way we always needed something that we just couldn’t find.

Fast, simple and flexible hosting.

In fact, we got so irritated by the lack of quality hosting that would meet serious business needs that we decided to create our own hosting environment. So we plunged into the exciting and confusing world of Amazon Web Services.

Over time, our hosting environment became pretty extensive. We built some very clever systems to increase page load speed and make our lives a lot easier. And we started to rent our hosting service to other people, who also loved what we’d created. But it wasn’t ready to take to market – it had no user interface and wasn’t able to scale-up to handle thousands of customers. So we made a big decision: to spend months building, editing and improving our environment, adding scripts and features galore. We knew exactly what we needed to do because we are our perfect audience – frustrated business owners who want a better service than is currently available.

And we’ve finally done it! We’re proud to say WPBeast has been born –  a better way to host WordPress, made by WordPress lovers for WordPress lovers. We’re extremely proud and we think you’re going to love it.

Check out the features here.