Our technical team have been working non-stop this month adding some new tasty features as well as fixing a few issues that our customers had pointed out. We pride ourselves on listening to you because at the end of the day, our service is for you and if you don’t like something then we don’t like it either!

Backup Speed

Due to added efficiencies in networking and our system’s architecture, backup processing now takes on average a quarter of the time it did before. This wasn’t something customers had brought up with us but one of our team saw an opportunity for improvement and decided to take ownership. Needless to say we were all very impressed at the new speed, especially our testing team who do a lot of backups for testing purposes.

Migration Speed

In a similar vein to the backup speed increase, migrations are now double the velocity. This was something our customers had made a point of mentioning on a number of occasions and we’re really pleased to be able to improve this for you.

NGINX Optimisations

Our engineers have made a couple of tweaks to our standard NGINX configurations for which we’ve seen a small but significant page load time increase across our testing environments. These improvements are set to go live across all of our customer sites in the next 24 hours – don’t worry, as per usual, you will not experience downtime due to this (other than maybe 0.5 seconds when NGINX restarts).

Slight UI Updates

Our frontend team have made 29 small changes to the user dashboard, 22 of which are merely aesthetic and 7 which make it easier for our customers to perform certain actions without error.  The ability to hide sites which you have deleted in the past is a key one here and something some of our oldest customers have been calling for for a little while – sorry for the wait! It’s here now.

We’re growing fast!

Not a technical update but good news we wanted you to know nonetheless – our customer base is growing like never before, primarily due to our ever-friendly sales and marketing team. We wanted to warmly welcome all of our new customers to family whilst also reminding everyone (probably overkill at this point!) that no one else’s traffic to their sites will affect your sites. All of our virtual web servers are ringfenced so your sites will never experience issues because of the actions of another one of our customers. In short, the WPBeast family growing is something we can all be happy about and we are not planning to change any part of principles or our service based on this new influx!

Happy Summer everybody, we hope you’re all enjoying the football. Please just get in touch if you have any ideas for what you’d like us to add to our todolist for the coming month!

The WPBeast Team 

Please contact support if you have any questions about this update, we’re always happy to help.