It’s been another hugely productive month for our development team here at WPBeast. After the many updates we pushed out in June, we decided July should be a month of optimizations, so we chose to focus on UX and the stability of the system.

User Experience Changes

We’ve made several changes to the way the dashboard is structured based on customer feedback.

The main focus was how we display and structure sites, especially for users with a larger number of sites.

As you may be aware, we made substantial changes to our pricing structure to allow users to have multiple subscriptions at once. Each subscription is now known as a module, and you can combine and quantity of modules together to create a bespoke plan.

This change created the need for a better structure within the dashboard. We now have two sections, a “Packs” section and a “Solos” section, to reflect the two types of modules.

When clicking on a pack, you are then presented a list of the websites hosting in that pack. Clicking on a website then takes you to its individual dashboard.

When clicking on a solo, you’re taken directly to the websites individual dashboard.

From our testing, we found this to be the cleanest way to lay out the new structure, but we’d love your feedback to get in touch if you have any comments.

Improved Auto-Recovery

Our system is built on AWS, which is extremely stable. However, as with any servers, problems can occur.

We spent the majority of this month adapting our bespoke auto-recovery system for increased stability accross our platform.

In practice, this means that when a Virtual Machine is running sub-optimally, or stops running altogether, the speed at which we launch a new Virtual Machine to replace it has decreased drastically. And by catching the problems early, we can often avoid downtime altogether by predicting potential failures and moving sites to a new Virtual Machine before they occur.

Our up-time is already above industry standards, but we expect to see further improvements because on this new system.


The WPBeast Team 

Please contact support if you have any questions about this update, we’re always happy to help.